1. Various Artists - Shockwavez Vol.3 (sh-3232d)
    Various Artists

  2. Radium - 5000 Years Time Slide (sh-3131d)

  3. Members Of Shockwave - The Cycore-Remixes (sh-3030d)
    Members Of Shockwave

  4. The Speed Freak - Oldschool ? Newschool ? Fuck That ! (sh-2929d)
    The Speed Freak

  5. The Speed Freak and Bazooka - Shockwave Tag-Team Vol.1 (sh-2828d)
    The Speed Freak, Bazooka

  6. Syntax & Yam Yam - Washoku Test Zensen (sh-2727d)
    Syntax, Yam Yam

  7. Various Artists - Shockwavez Vol.2 (sh-2626d)
    Various Artists

  8. The Shapeshifter - Porn To Kill (sh-2525d)
    The Shapeshifter

  9. The Noize Junkie VS Akira 101 (sh-2424d)
    The Noize Junkie VS Akira 101

  10. Bazooka - Da Tankkilla (sh-2323d)

  11. Kenny Gee - Full Scale Riot (sh-2222d)
    Kenny Gee

  12. Members Of Shockwave - Dicke Eier (sh-2121d)
    Members Of Shockwave

  13. Hammer Bros VS Out Of Key Vol.2 (sh-2020d)
    Hammer Bros VS Out Of Key

  14. Various Artists - Shockwavez Vol.1 (sh-1919d)
    Various Artists

  15. The Noize Junkie - May The Speed Be With You (sh-1818d)
    The Noize Junkie

  16. Wendy Milan - The Speed Freak Sessions Vol.1 (sh-1717d)
    Wendy Milan

  17. Hammer Bros VS Out Of Key Vol.1 (sh-1616d)
    Hammer Bros VS Out Of Key

  18. Bazooka - On Da Battlefield (sh-1515d)

  19. Laurent Hô - Ingler 3 (sh-1414d)
    Laurent Hô

  20. Members Of Shockwave - Gabberdisco Vol.2 (sh-1313d)
    Members Of Shockwave

  21. The Shapeshifter - One More Record You Will Hate (sh-1212d)
    The Shapeshifter

  22. Psyche-Out - The Death Of Cpt Trance (sh-1111d)

  23. Flamman & Abraxas - Drugs (sh-1010d)
    Flamman & Abraxas

  24. 909 Abuse - Bad Taste Vol.2 (sh-909d)
    909 Abuse

  25. The Speed Freak - Never Surrender Remix (sh-808d)
    The Speed Freak

  26. Members Of Shockwave - Gabberdisco Vol.1 (sh-707d)
    Members Of Shockwave

  27. E-De-Cologne - Hello Again ! (sh-606d)

  28. B.C.Kid - X-Treme House EP (sh-505d)

  29. Random Rampage - Sixpack (sh-404d)
    Random Rampage

  30. 303 Abuse - Bad Taste Vol.1 (sh-303d)
    303 Abuse

  31. Creepozoids - Outer Limits EP (sh-202d)

  32. Play Dead - Straight Into Your Face (sh-101d)
    Play Dead

  33. NTSC - The Nunawading Terrorizing Sacrificing Cruzifiers (sh-lim10d)

  34. The Speed Freak - 5 Years On Speed (sh-lim09d)
    The Speed Freak

  35. Psyche-Out - Hydra Blast (sh-lim08d)

  36. The Speed Freak & Wendy Milan - Live In Japan (sh-lim07d)
    The Speed Freak & Wendy Milan

  37. Various Artists - Merry Christmas You Suckers (sh-lim06d)
    Various Artists

  38. Phase IV (sh-lim05d)
    Phase IV

  39. Somatic Responses - Riot Frequencies (sh-lim04d)
    Somatic Responses

  40. Lenny Dee VS The Speed Freak (sh-lim02d)
    Lenny Dee VS The Speed Freak

  41. Wendy Milan VS B.C.Kid (sh-lim01d)
    Wendy Milan VS B.C.Kid

  42. 90sRXs
    The Speed Freak

  43. Return To Speed City
    The Speed Freak

  44. Destruction By Speed
    The Speed Freak

  45. For You
    The Speed Freak

  46. TB-Uproar (Ano-01)
    Biochip C.

  47. untitled (Ano-02)
    Biochip C.

  48. Neutrino EP (Ano-03)

  49. Inside (Chapter 1) (Ano-04)
    Biochip C.

  50. Inside (Chapter 2) (Ano-05)
    Biochip C.

  51. Belief (Ano-06)

  52. untitled (Ano-07)

  53. untitled (Ano-08)

  54. Musik Ohne Eier (Ano-09)
    Chicks With Dicks

  55. Untitled (Ano-10)

  56. Morbid EP (Ano-11)
    Digable Rhythm

  57. Los Amigos En Electro (Ano-12)
    Freddy Fresh & Biochip C.

  58. Breakdown
    Biochip C.

  59. Biocalypse
    Biochip C.

  60. Anthems
    Biochip C.

  61. Lost Memories Vol​.​3 (Retro​-​007)
    Biochip C.

  62. Retro-006
    Tribes Of The Moon

  63. Retro-005

  64. Lost Memories Vol.2 (Retro-004)
    Biochip C.

  65. Retro-003
    The Shapeshifter

  66. Retro-002

  67. Lost Memories Vol.1 (Retro-001)
    Biochip C.

  68. Koo
    Dj Mutante


Re:Fusion Collective Kaiserslautern, Germany

Re:Fusion is a collective of artists and labels who have their own vision
of electronic music and joined forces to promote their musical ideas.
Expect some quality-productions on the Re:Fusion-Labels in the future !

The people behind Re:Fusion are
Martin Damm
Francois Robichaud
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